Axios Trump Interview Debacle

Tolulope Esan

Jul 28, 2020
Donald Trump’s weak and flailing interview with Jonathan Swan of Axios fired a warning flare about the President's hopes for reelection, if his campaign and White House staff programed to fulfill his yearning for praise are prepared to recognize it.
Trump came across as ill-prepared, narcissistic and far from in control of the coronavirus pandemic . It was a far cry from the image of courageous leadership and energetic, unstinting commitment on behalf of Americans that his aides spend every day trying to sketch.
It is hard to remember an interview in which a sitting President was more unsparingly exposed or seemed so unequal to the magnitude of a crisis that is threatening the American people and is nowhere near ending.

When Trump was fact-checked in real time, Trump's flame-throwing interview technique fizzled. When Swan frustrated his scattershot attempts to jump to another subject, Trump wilted. Under pressure, he provided the kind of offhand remark that could define a political race if properly used by an opponent.
"It is what it is," Trump said, appearing callous and disconnected about a Covid19 death toll that has reached 150,000 Americans. When he was challenged, Trump responded with nonsensical answers, grasping for a counter to simple questions about his handling of the pandemic.

Do you think , judging by Trump’s responses during the interview, that he’s a bad choice for the US? Is Joe Biden a more reliable presidential candidate or just the lesser evil of the two, considering Biden’s shortcomings as well?